Stylish tips for a slim figure

Stylish tips for a slim figure
 Not everyone can boast a slim figure from nature, and go on a diet and going to the gym sometimes lack the strength or time. Hide a few extra pounds will help properly chosen clothes. If you follow some of the rules of dress, your slim figure will delight you with its reflection in the mirror.

Choose clothes plain colors. Dark blue and black colors help you look slimmer. If you wear clothing with a pattern, it is necessary to abandon the major motifs that add visual weight, especially on hips and chest.

If you do not have all the bad with the figure, and some of it is you can boast that emphasize their bright colors, such as pink or yellow. If these colors combined with dark colors - brown, black or blue, you can divert the gaze from the problem areas of your figure.

It is important to choose a style of dress that is right for you, and do not chase the fashion trends that accentuate your flaws. No matter how fashionable square neckline and cut-outs in the form of a boat, they can only afford a thin woman with a long neck. For harmony is better to stop the election on a deep V-neck. In addition to the visual extension of the neck, he also "hides" the shoulders.

Skirts with high waist detracts from the lower part of the body, focusing on the chest. Length skirts should be slightly above the knee. In no case do not wear skirts to mid-calf length, visually weighting figure.

Many women find that fitting jackets and sweaters emphasize those extra pounds, but a little tight-fitting jacket, worn with a flaring skirt, on the contrary - will make your figure slimmer. The main thing is that the size of the jacket has been chosen correctly.

Will help highlight slender figure and vertical lines in clothes - from top to bottom row of buttons, or decorative stitching along the whole length of the dress. The same effect is achieved in the slim line cardigan with zipper along the entire length.

Make a sleeker shape and help denim style of dress, which has a plurality of vertical lines and little flared jeans correct length visually make your legs longer.

And, of course, do not forget the heels! With their help, your posture instantly makes the perfect figure - more slender and legs - longer.

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