Raincoats: light breath of spring

Raincoats: light breath of spring
 Spring - a time of renewal, freshness and sophistication. To match the mood of spring, not only internally but also externally, you must choose the right clothing. Cape, as well as possible, suitable for changeable spring weather, so his choice is to pay special attention.

Lois Vuitton presented unusual patterns raincoats with Chinese motifs: traditional silhouette typical bright colors and decorations in the form of a patch pockets allow to look colorful and stylish.

Brand MaxMara pleased fashionistas extremely feminine variants spring coats. Especially noteworthy are thin belts at the waist, which favorably emphasize the shape. Spring colors are varied: here and black, and beige, mustard and brilliant, and even black-and-white polka dots.

Very interesting model debuted at the beginning of the fashion season 2011: double-breasted raincoat from Christian Cota remarkable transparent sleeves and chiffon skirt flying. More classic version presented Alberta Feretti: raincoat pearly melodic flows on the figure, slightly emphasizing the waist elegant fabric belt. Should pay attention to the collection of Oscar de la Renta, because it is replete with bright and stylish spring coat. For example, a variant of bright scarlet color, belted two thin straps, looks modern and very creative. Strikes an unusual texture is another model from Oscar: the fabric is like a series of fringe, which creates the effect of multi-layer image.

Wear Spring cloak can be almost any thing from trousers to dresses. However, make sure that they are combined with each other in color, shape and style. Pay attention to accessories, because they play a fairly important role in creating a coherent composition. Pick up the bag so as not to overload the overall silhouette. The texture of the material from which made bag, must not conflict with cloth coat. Colors are combined adequately spring mood, do not choose too contrasting combinations, it is best to find a middle ground.

Picking up the cloak in the spring, do not need to believe that only a design model will help you look stylish. It is enough to listen to the recommendations of the main trends and fashion, because in the end it is you choose to cloak based on the preferences and tastes. So feel free to experiment with your way and try a variety of options and combinations.

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