Linen clothes - salvation from the heat

Linen clothes - salvation from the heat
 In the wardrobe of those who prefer to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, there must always be a few things sewn from linen or mixed fabrics with the addition of flax. Noble properties of this material will allow you to escape from the scorching heat of the day and keep warm on a cool evening. It's no wonder linen clothes favored by the ancient Slavs, which were cultured and grown flax from time immemorial.
 Flax - a plant that is grown on specially designated fields. After drying, it was treated with the stems in a special way, kneaded, and soaked Trepoff to obtain strong fibers, which are then spun into yarn. From these yarns and woven linen, which possesses perfect insulating properties.

Pure linen fabric is easy shrinkable invoice, but despite this, it is used for sewing clothing. Now not even taken ironed linen things - their little coarse surface is a sign of absolute naturalness. But the county applied for the production of mixed fabrics, for example, in combination with silk or woolen threads. Such fabrics crease less.

Sew the top summer clothing used linen fabric with a rare weave that allows you to sew light and durable items that will be a real escape from the heat. The temperature of the air layer between your body and linen cloth dress or sundress will always be 3-4 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. We can say that such clothing is air-conditioned and allows the body to overheat even in the heat.

In the evening, when it becomes cool, the same blouse will save you and will not allow to freeze. Now, between the body and linen fabric temperature will be several degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Additional comfort and gives that linen fabric is hygroscopic and clothes do not stick to the body, even if you sweat a little. Your skin breathes, and moisture from the surface evaporates quickly. On top of all clothing from flax not electrified, it is pleasant to the touch, it is easy to wash and clean. After each wash cloth becomes softer and more pleasant for the body.

Flax fiber is very strong. Therefore, you should not worry that your favorite sundress, blouse or trousers worn down quickly. The unique strength properties of this natural fabric extends the life of linen items, and they will delight you for a long time.

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