How to steam pants

How to steam pants
 Despite the fact that in the wardrobe of modern man there are more things that do not need ironing, formal trousers of wool will not soon go out of fashion. Classic elegant suit and gives the impression of stability and confidence. However, for such clothing needs careful care. In particular, it is necessary periodically to steam pants.  
 Prepare pants. Empty the pockets that are there. Wrapper on the candy or happened to be there bill can negate all your efforts. Examine the pants and, if necessary, remove stains. Clean out dust must in any case, or under the influence of high temperature and dirt particles dust prisohnut. To separate them then it will be quite problematic.

Determine the most problematic areas. At trousers made of natural fabrics is usually the knees, which are formed bubbles. Put the leg of the convex side up. Cover it with a damp cloth. Most suitable gauze, folded in 2-3 layers, but you can take any other dense monochromatic flap large enough. Pre-check does not fade if he. Place a regulator of iron to the mark corresponding to the material of the product. Ironed before stretching portions until bubbles did not disappear. Periodically moisten the gauze.

Fold pants, matching stepper and side seams. Regulator of iron put on the following division. Stripped product through a wet cloth, avoiding its drying. A wet rag is used to coat does not start to shine. Drying causes the dark pants that will shine on a light yellowish burns may occur, which make rather difficult. If, despite your best efforts, still shine began to shine, dissolve in 200 g of water 1 tablespoon of 10% vinegar. Gauze not moisten with water and the solution.

Otgladte arrows. They just have to go to the front and rear recesses. It is important to immediately place them correctly. Place the damp cloth on the edge of the arrow and spend several times the iron in the direction from the waist to the bottom of the first leg on one pair of arrows, then the other. Turn the pants and do the same again to the arrows on both the leg turned out the same. In situations where the arrows poorly kept, you will gain starch paste or soap. Pants turn out on the wrong side. Grease arrow paste or rub it with soap. Let dry paste. Nagladte arrow through a damp cloth on the front side. They will be long and hard to hold. For iron the edges of arrows, there are special irons. This device is a plate 2 equipped with a plastic handle. Leg is laid between them. We can only hold the iron along the trouser ..

Fold pants as you otglazhivali them, that is aligning the stepper and side seams. Hang them on bryukoderzhatel and let hang for several hours. You can also use the hanger with bar, but they are less convenient because it can be formed transverse crease. If bryukoderzhatelya you do not have to hang pants on the clothesline can belt down. Secure them clothespins for trousers.

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