How to look elegant and not to give up comfort: buy slacks

How to look elegant and not to give up comfort: buy slacks
 No pants, perhaps, a modern woman is simply not is his wardrobe. But it happens that due to the features of a figure or simply dislike restrictions narrow models it does not fit. Then come to the aid democratic slacks.
 The choice of this style trousers almost inexhaustible. With their help, you can create a stylish, very feminine image. What is particularly good, they can be worn every day - and to work and go out. By the way, they have one very important feature - visually lengthen the leg. They hide wide hips, give the silhouette the rapidity and ease.

For a better customized fit is recommended to use rather thin, easily draped fabric. Then drapery and folds nicely lay down on your figure. Usually observed this pattern - for wider trousers and lightweight fabrics are allowed more vivid colors. In the cold season are recommended rather strict model of denser tissues. And yet - slacks without heels unthinkable. The only exceptions are beach pants of the cut, but that's a separate issue.

To balance the figure and give it harmony, the top should be chosen to match these pants muted colors, simple cut, not burdened with unnecessary details. But you can supplement your appearance bright and flashy jewelry. White blouse classic style shirt in the spirit of "unisex" make a good complement to slacks. Spacious same blouses will give you a baggy look. Focus on the waist using a belt or cravat, wear beautiful shoes and stylish look is provided to you.

Wide trousers with a high waist will help highlight it, you can just tuck inside the shirt. If you are not sure about the "quality" of his waist, it is better to select the top of a long, straight cut to mid-thigh. This type of clothing is perfectly combined with a wide belt, like a corset. A variety of jackets also make an excellent "company" in such pants.

The choice of shoes such trousers special attention. Heels should be present as a complement to this style. For spring or fall are good elegant boots. Summer opted for platform shoes or high heels.

Choose a medium-sized bag. Too massive "weighted" your appearance, and small will look somewhat ridiculous.

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