How to fold a kimono

How to fold a kimono
 Kimono - a traditional men's and women's clothing in Japan, land of the rising sun. So called straight cut gown, which plowed from left to right and tie a belt.
 Modern Kimono - this gown and suit, which consists of a jacket and wide pants. This kimono is a universal form for practicing martial arts. Virtually all areas of the sport, and there are about two hundred, have their strict rules and bring respect and respect for their attributes. Each martial art has its own rituals, but almost all of them contain a single, universal regulation in relation to clothing, the so-called dojo.

If you are doing karate, learn to fold the kimono or dogs.

Lay on the surface of the jacket, gently straighten it. Fold pants, putting one leg to the other, then fold them in half. Place the pants in the center of the expanded jacket. Note that you need to combine the upper edge of pants with a top coat. Gently fold the left half of the dogs inside. The same left sleeve Fold the opposite side, then repeat this procedure with the other half jacket. If the lower edge of the long pants, tuck him up.

Gently roll the roller jacket, since the lower half. Fold the belt in half loop to the right place in the middle of a rolled dogs. From left to right thread in the loop end of the belt, threw them into a bundle and tighten so that the dogs are not excluded during transport, but does not wrinkle. Now try to throw behind his back and walk.

Make sure your kimono enough grip on the loop of the belt and easy to carry, show the result of the teacher to get an objective assessment.

Martial arts are inconceivable without complying with all sorts of rituals. Study them carefully, starting with how to fold the kimono, because it shows your respect for workout clothes and evidence of your harmonious development.

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