How to dress fashionably

How to dress fashionably
 Look fashionable and stylish - the dream of many modern women. Beautiful clothes are not only uplifting - it always gives confidence. Correctly chosen outfit will give you the opportunity to feel like a queen.
 Choosing clothes for your wardrobe, remember some basic rules. The most important of them - do not blindly follow fashion. You have to find his own style, which will emphasize your individuality. Do not forget that for certain cases require the appropriate style of dress.

To work in an office you need business clothes. This classic suits are not flashy colors for pants or a skirt to the knee, strict dress. But even in the classics have their own fashion. You can buy a suit of fashionable fabrics, such as boucle, tweed, corduroy, pick up beautiful fashionable blouse of satin, silk, satin, jersey or blends beautifully with a skirt sweater. If you are a business woman, avoid aggressive colors, frivolous pictures, too thin and transparent shrinkable fabrics, very short or too wide long skirts. Shoes should be on average heel, at least not cheap stylish jewelry, natural makeup. Your appearance should not seem vulgar.

Learn how to choose the right clothing for each case. Not quite fit to be a business suit at a party, just as long evening dress in a disco. In the choice of attire you need to know a sense of proportion. Even in the most expensive and fashionable clothes you can look silly if it is chosen not correct. Funny girl will look at the chic cocktail dress with high heels in a tour bus or on the beach. For such cases, there is a comfortable sportswear.

But it so happens that you have found your style, you know, where what clothes to wear, you have a lot of fashion beautiful things, and that something is not right. Maybe your fancy stuff just does not match the color? Competently matched colors in clothes - is the key to success. If your wardrobe has a white thing, it will give an elegant look to any ensemble, as white as black, combined with any shade. Another win-gray color, it blends well with bright colors, slightly mutes them. Remember that your items of clothing must not compete in the brightness of each other: a saturated tone Pick up a more subdued.

Picked up on the figure fashionable clothes in combination with high-quality shoes, good hair, makeup literate and stylish accessories will make you irresistible.

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