How to choose pants petite girl

How to choose pants petite girl
 Probably every tiny girl had firsthand that pick up on the figure pants or jeans are not quite simple. After trending models of trousers and jeans that perfectly sit on skinny models on the catwalk show, your figure can look very ugly. Often it turns out that store-bought new thing should immediately refer to the tailor. Before making a purchase, it should be clearly understood that suits you and what does not.

What you absolutely do not go? Do not buy short pants or jeans (up to knee level and just below). These pants will share your legs in half visually much shortening them. It should also abandon particularly popular in recent years, baggy cargo pants. In such a thing exist speakers at the sides, pockets that are visually more shorten your little growth.

Should think twice before you buy leggings or jeans. Leg, which taper towards the bottom, are not the best choice for you. If you do not want to be like the little girl-student middle school, then do not wear trousers or jeans that are too wrap around your feet throughout.

About pants or jeans, which is flared from the knee, too, should not to remember, because Such a model of jeans will look on you ugly and messy. Most popular in the last few years jeans and pants with a short waist you just will not fit. They visually shorten the length of your legs.

What you are. Buy straight jeans or pants made of thick fabric in dark colors with classic or slightly high waist. They should not be too wide or too narrow. These pants visually lengthen the figure, hiding her flaws, and excellent look at you. Missing centimeters tall visually help you compensate for trendy pants that cover the front of a little toe shoes, and behind reach the level of the ankle. For you it is a great option.

Initially, it may seem that the choice of suitable trousers in tiny girls is not great. But do not get too upset. A variety of dresses and skirts are suitable such girls very well. Therefore, in your wardrobe should be a lot of different skirts and dresses made of light fabric with a high waist. Pants can also be combined with short jumpers or cape up to the knees. Do not forget about accessories, such as small and elegant handbag wonderful complement any your outfit.

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