From what to wear high-waisted trousers

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 With all the unexpected collisions volatile fashion, classic clothing was and remains a popular and constantly in demand at all times. And high-waisted pants are still considered immutable and essential attribute of almost any woman's wardrobe.

What is the "secret of success" with inflated cut trouser belt? First of all, in its universality for all types of the female physique. These pants visually lengthen the legs and slim figure. They may be fitting or free, have a cut on the knee or hip - in any case, they show good taste and represent its possessor in the most advantageous way.

If we talk about the successful combination of trousers with other items of clothing, but there are so many.

You can successfully wear pants with a high waist and perfectly fitting knitted batch file, or a strict jacket-cut blouse. No less gracefully tops will look sporty or dressy blouses air and romantic style.

Sweaters and jackets home or machine-knitted look with these pants perfect and in this combination are beautiful and practical outfit for cold seasons. Long cardigan and light coats of medium length can also be a worthy addition to the high pants.

Of course, it is necessary to wear pants with a high waist with a variety of jackets, the length of which can be almost any: shortened to the belt line, the average length of the classic elongated "french". Interesting and original can be a combination of trousers with a belt and inflated pidzhaka- "Bolero." Dressed in his performance you can get a great trouser suit for special occasions.

As for shoes, adjusted for high-waisted trousers, the choice of its almost unlimited. Heel is certainly relevant, but also a stable platform sole, and almost flat sole may go well with the accepted style of clothing as visual harmony due to the high waist cut the figure is already provided.

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