Drab existence

 Bright summer passed, and now came the familiar gray days. Someone is upset, someone - depressing, someone - angry ... However, each of us can make the "mediocrity" that we are not oppressed, but instead brought a lot of fun.

Especially that taken care of with all their zeal and exuberance of fancy fashion designers of world renown. After all, they once again (for the umpteenth time in recent years!) Declared a major hit of the season autumn / winter 2006-2007 things in gray scale. There are so many that they are downright crowded world's catwalks.

What can I say? Psychologically, this color palette we normally associate mostly negative emotions - already mentioned gray days, as a rule, no one pleasing; gray mice in a team no one wants to be, and the stigma of "mediocrity" sentence usually sounds the intellectual level of the interlocutor. Wittingly or unwittingly, all this negativity, we are ready to pass on their own wardrobe.

But why at this leading fashion house with tedious regularity regularly return to the colors and even proclaim her the epitome of elegance high style? Perhaps the solution lies in the fact that the vast wealth of shades (and this gray color can not be denied) it enables a true artist to show their talent in its purest form?

Gray plastic, nekichliv, it is not a substitute for the skill of the designer, but instead becomes a grateful backdrop for his demonstration. It is ideal to demonstrate complex cut and complex forms, which in this fashion season a lot more than ever before in the past few years. Moreover, it enables the simultaneous use of the most winning side of two mutually exclusive like trends - minimalism and pretentiousness.

What we are now offering to wear a gray scale? Coats, blouses, suits, coats, trousers and a simple skirts, dresses for every day and dresses for the high life, hollow jackets and short jackets exquisitely treated fur, short jackets and cardigans volume below the knee length ... Who offers? Yes, almost all - for example, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, Proenza Schouler, Elie Saab, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Emilio Pucci, Giambattista Valli, Julien Macdonald ...

However, the list can include this probably every fashion house, who introduced this season their collections. Although personally if I had to choose the perfect embodiment of this trend, probably would have stopped on proposals from Jonathan Saunders. In addition to all the above advantages of gray, these things are still used and that are built more on the game graphics shades in each of these gizmos.

And yet they do not get lost in this diversity? And without losing their own individuality? How to save a characteristic brightness of your image? First of all, do not focus only on the gray at all inclinations to this current fashion. Combine it with other relevant shades. For example, this season almost any thing you can wear with black leggings or black opaque stockings. This can be knitted dresses, business suits, tulip skirts, coats.

But a different color (red), which in fact is considered in conjunction with gray almost classical version, this season has a special position. Separately - yes, as much as necessary, but complete with a gray scale - only in homeopathic doses. Maximum permissible - is extravagant gloves (very high quality and very expensive) or a small bag. Even belt, scarf or decorative finish is not recommended.

Secondly, all the wealth of shades of gray, choose the one that is able to play on you emphasize your chosen image and that will fit into the usual style for you. If you are in life - a romantic young lady, it is not necessary to adopt coats and capes from Alberta Ferretti, which in style and shape of the coarse cloth coats. So look for role models in aerial Fine collections from Bottega Veneta and Jean Paul Gaultier.

If, on the contrary, it seems himself born right in the pants, shoes with thick soles and leather "black leather jackets", it is unlikely you will feel comfortable in the elegant skin-tight costumes by Emilio Pucci mouth-watering pearl shade with a furry. On the other hand free kits with bulky trousers with flared from the hip and straight men's jackets made of thick wool from Yamamoto and Marni will allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances. And at the same shade of gray will be closer to the steel than a pearl to the romantic.

Third, combine different shades of gray in his appearance. Current opportunities provided by the leading fashion houses, for it is virtually limitless. For example, in the collection by Giles can see a combination of dark gray opaque stockings, short minimalist dress of thin knitted jersey pearl color, long leather jacket color of wet asphalt with a large hood.

But gray today can and should be not only monochrome. There are lots of graphic prints, which are aligned exactly on the game shades of gray. This strips, squares, peas, futuristic flowers, even the cell. Top refinement to incorporate finely in this drawing also other colors - green, blue, burgundy brown. Let them be muted, "autumn" in nature, but they will give a special style of any of the simple model.

Well, in the long run in this fashion season just do not be afraid to be gray. Especially if it will make you look "one hundred percent."


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