The charming old

The charming old
 Vintage's hot as ever. For things to line up the whole history of the queue who want to get a "new thing." Especially because not every woman will allow yourself to wear such clothes. Therefore vintage style - a fashion for bold and confident.
 In search of original and stylish gizmos fashionista search through my grandmother's trunk. Skillful masters questioned their mothers in an attempt to find out that it was fashionable to 20-30 years ago. However, not all the details of the wardrobe 50-year-old is a real vintage thing that clothing that has the right to be called a collector. Vintage thing - is the one that has a distinct style of a period style. These include single-piece garment, ie the one that produced small collections.

To become truly enchanting old, it must be properly worn. Few find the original and within the definition of "vintage" thing is necessary that it also sat perfectly and in harmony with the general way. Otherwise, it risks becoming a normal old rags and old clothes. Naturally, that you found the thing you can not come on the figure, because of its past winner was a completely different person. Therefore, these clothes must be adapted to you so that sat like a glove. All deficiencies that may have occurred during storage, must be restored.

Necessary to think very carefully all the way. In this case, all dictate clothing. Under it necessarily need a suitable bag. And it does not necessarily need to look in the trunk, today a huge number of fashion houses offers its collection, stylized vintage. Ornaments are selected according to the same scenario. If you want to completely meet the age, you need to learn all the details on how these things were before, and with what.

Keep in mind that real vintage is quite expensive. For those who do not have the funds for such outfits, but flaunt things in the style of old, really wants, there is an option to buy a wardrobe of a series of pseudo-vintage. In this case, sewed clothes, similar to the one worn by half a century ago and were aged artificially.

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