Sense of proportion - a pledge of good taste

Sense of proportion - a pledge of good taste
 In order to pass a special stylish enough to be able to say, "Stop! "Often, a woman becomes a victim herself when trying to improve their image. Good taste can be developed, it is not innate, but acquired quality.

Thales statement inscribed at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, reads as follows:«Comply with the measure». Since antiquity, little has changed: a sense of proportion - this is a necessary quality of any woman that stands to bring up since childhood. What exactly can you do to become a stylish woman?

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of his body. There are no two identical figures, those characters. The fact that women often fall for the bait beautiful advertising, forgetting that professionals working in magazines, photographers and stylists bring the image to perfection. When deciding to buy something, do not look at the thing itself, and on its compatibility with your personality. If the bright red color is burning brunette, but fair-haired girl with the appearance of Slavic type it will look ridiculous.

Do not forget the basic things that come to all. White blouse, black little dress, elegant beige raincoat, a well-cut jacket, pumps - it all becomes a canvas on which you paint your image with a bright accessories. List of 10-12 basic things in every wardrobe unchanged. The main thing - do not overdo it with decorations and extra things.

Follow the rule:«Better under- than transfer». If you are already wearing purple jacket, it is not necessary to supplement suit clutch, tuflmi, bracelet and matching scarf. If in doubt, it is better to give up something: innuendo can always be interpreted as a specially-designed, but the congestion of the image visible, it attracts attention and annoying. Discard the leopard and tiger prints coat or dress, acid colors and«well-dressed»shoes a la striptease dancer.

Learn from someone else's example. View photos of stars passing by girls. Analyzing other people's achievements and mistakes, you learn how to be stylish and try to look at ourselves from the outside. We should not only criticize the images of other people, but also to imagine how they can be corrected.

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