Selective - the secret of your uniqueness

Selective - the secret of your uniqueness
 Just a couple of decades ago, the good spirits were incredible deficit. Today the bottle of any eminent perfume brand can be seen even on the dresser schoolgirl. Once the cosmetic market appears fashionable novelty, its fragrance can be felt hundreds of women around. But in order to get a unique, rare scent available is not for everyone, it is necessary to pay attention to selective perfumery.

Selective perfumes, which is often also referred to as niche, familiar only to a narrow circle of favorites. Advertising such flavors can hardly be found on the pages of popular magazines, but can be seen in exclusive boutiques and catalogs of luxury goods. Selectivity is extremely rare to find even in the largest cosmetic networks because for them to open a separate boutiques.

Selective mass deprived not only because of the considerable price. Many perfumers working in this direction, to create a fragrance of your dreams: the strange, complex, wild, extravagant, multi-faceted ... They understood not all. But if a niche fragrance finds its adherents, it is - love forever. Selectivity can be compared with the best-known luxury brands - from Chanel and Dior to Hugo Boss and Gucci - the same way as, for example, with independent intellectual cinema box-office blockbuster.

Stand out due to the clothes and make-up today is difficult, at least staying within common sense. But it can be a selective secret uniqueness, because these rare scents are revealed at each of its possessor in a special way.

Release of niche perfumery today is not engaged in so many brands. The most famous of them - Isabey, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Diptyque, Montale, Shalini, Annik Goutal, Amouage. However, the large number of them can not be determined. Selective fragrances are made exclusively from natural, and sometimes rare ingredients, while the usual perfume made from synthetic components. In production technology niche perfume can be used old recipe found, for example, in the folios of the Middle Ages.

A substantial share of world production selective occupied Arab countries. The ancient traditions of the East are reflected in perfumery. Once in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia, you can find unique shops, which offers spirits that can not be found anywhere else. Their value can amount to tens of thousands of dollars for a bottle of 30 ml, but their composition and formulation will be unique. Many Arab niche fragrances are produced at all in a single copy, for example, the wife of Sheikh or the king. But at the same price leader today is the product of the English perfumer Clive Christian: his creation Imperial Majesty in a bottle of crystal encrusted with diamonds, worth $ 215,000.

Of course, not all selective fragrances are such fabulous money. Niche perfume bottle can be bought on average for $ 400-700. There are those brands, such as, Serge Lutens, who confidently identify themselves as selective, but are quite affordable price and sold in famous perfume networks. However, the availability of these spirits is unlikely to benefit them, because mass is always kills uniqueness.

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