Secrets of elegance

Secrets of elegance
 Times go by, and the concept of elegance remains. But today its exact definition, no one can give. I think that this is a fine line between the demands of fashion and good taste, finding that a woman becomes elegant.
 Even among the movie stars, and this is recognized by all, not all are considered elegant. This quality does not depend on beauty or fitness model standards. It is more and valued even higher classic beauty. Elegance - is the ability to create your own unique image - recognizable and stand out from the crowd.

Elegance is impossible without personality. Any items of clothing or fashion trends, you should consider a point of view - is right for you or not. Only by this criterion you choose something for themselves, but something always rejected. Color costumes, favorite materials suitable for you styles of dresses and trousers, etc.

Stick around minimalism. As you are wearing clothes not possible to use more than three colors. Otherwise, it will be "Sorochintsy Fair" and not a beautiful set. Dull classic colors (pastel, dark shades) will make you aristocratic, not just fashion. Bright, acid colors leave for teenagers during the formation of character.

All items from your wardrobe to be being combined with each other. So with a minimum of clothing, you can always create a variety of combinations for different seasons and different purposes - for work, for fun, for recreation.

Things should strictly conform to your size and fit for your body type. Elegance does not depend on thinness or completeness of this concept of global parameters of the body. A well-chosen items of clothing that hide flaws and emphasize the advantages, will help women of any body and any age look like a queen.

The concept of elegance and catchiness, shocking directly opposite. Elegance, well thought-out details, simplicity in detail - these are the characteristic signs of elusive elegance.

Cleanliness and neatness in everything and always - another mandatory quality for women with style. Small spot on the skirt or divorced button would nullify all your efforts to create an attractive image.

Strictly speaking, the elegance of this even more than the appearance. This is a complex, which includes demeanor, attitude to colleagues and friends, a manifestation of self-esteem.

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