Office style and personal taste in clothes: how to combine

Office style and personal taste in clothes: how to combine
 In most offices, there is a dress code. The employee must be smart, neat, in a light blouse and skirt are not above the knee. It is likely that this style does not agree with your ideas about beauty. In your power to choose the items of clothing so that they match your taste preferences and fit into the work environment.  
 There are companies that strictly regulate the dress code for its employees at all or prefer to work in those fields. However, most companies still allow their employees some freedom in clothing. It is only important that you do not overdo it, and your suit still looked the business.

Usual office colors - white, black, gray, brown. Surrounded by a range of colors and long depressed. If you are a bright and positive personality, add some color to everyday work. Do not choose clothes screaming colors - it is still better to leave for a walk after work. But beige, gentle pink, blue, green, purple, blue is quite suitable for the office. Be appropriate plaid and small floral prints. When choosing clothes, remember that the business suit of bright colors should be classic cut, or you can take for the dasher.

If you decide to give preference to fashionable styles, colors, this time should be emphasized strict. But instead of the classic cut trousers you can wear trousers, breeches or capris. Pumps replaced platform shoes or ballet flats. Will look appropriate and blouses with various decorative frill cuffs. Fit and original model dresses in neutral colors.

Write a touch of individuality to normal business style can be and with the help of jewelry. Brought with African beads travel? Feel free to wear them to the office. Bought the original brooch at the exhibition of handicrafts? Try to attach it to a strict jacket. Played a role unusual earrings, bracelets, watches. Purchase an expensive bag or envelope clutch beige, orange or burgundy. This will help you to diversify business wardrobe to your taste, but at the same time remain within the office style.

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