"Nothing to wear" eyes stylists and psychologists

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 When a woman for an hour tossing around the room, rummaging in the pile of clothes, and her husband has long been loosened his tie, took off his jacket and watching football, it can testify to its inability to create their own image, to combine things, and about the psychological problems that so she trying to solve. Who is she needed: a stylist or a psychologist? Maybe she will understand itself.

Many women spend hours wandering around the shops, trying on and buying things from the new collections, or sweeping same clothes from the shelves of discount. Some choose the so-called "fetishes": footwear, handbags and brooches and descend on the completion of the collection of half the salary. None of them suspect that in this way, they may compensate for the lack of love and affection, attention and warmth.

Everything is good in moderation, if you feel that passion for shopping goes beyond all possible limits, try to change something in this situation. Uncontrolled spending, doubt, disappointment - a payment for a portion of happiness hormones that are released when you decide to once again buy a nice little thing.

Look closely at what you buy: combines whether your stuff in texture and color, whether you wear shoes with 10 cm heel and whether to acquire the fifth purple tights on Nova autumn. Perhaps this is all you do not need. Get positive emotions you can visit the exhibition with a stroll with a friend and her dog in the park, inviting loved in the movies.

Sometimes to analyze their consumer strategy requires a psychologist. The specialist will help you determine the cause, correct it.

If the problem is not the number of dresses, and in ignorance of the rules of a combination of things and create a whole image, you need to seek help from a stylist. Not every girl has an innate taste, but any can develop it: look fashionable transmission where stylists give tips flipping magazines, watch for those women whose style appeals to you. Every rule has an exception: if you think that the bright scarlet dress makes you look like a Donna Rose Street red-light district in Amsterdam, do not buy it, even if all the logs are advised to "wear" the color of the upcoming season.

Consult your stylist - the perfect solution. Alas, the financial capacity of women do not always allow this. You can take advantage of expert advice online (often at your own risk).

Let your closet will be ten basic things: the little black dress, high heels, stylish handbag, trench coat on weather, cashmere sweater, jeans (selected on the figure), a white T-shirt or tank top-alcoholic, a necklace of medium-sized pearls, lipstick and bottle of perfume (it is best to have a fragrance in the morning and in the evening, the different smells for each season).

Items that are gathering dust idle more than a year can safely distribute, give, make for the nearest trash: you can hardly touch them. Do not hoard things: you will be easy to breathe, you will be able to choose skillfully sets of your stylish, truly favorite things!

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