New Year's dress: the taste of the cocktail

New Year's dress: the taste of the cocktail
 New Year's Eve - one of the best occasions to show their beauty and delicate taste. And, of course, to this wonderful holiday preparation should start well in advance. Dress, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, make-up - everything has to be stunning and comfortable. In this embodiment festive attire - both beautiful and comfortable - could be a cocktail dress.

At the cocktail dress is quite long and interesting history. The first cocktail dresses appeared in America during Prohibition. Then on underground parties served not only prohibition of alcohol, but also danced fashionable dances, including Charleston - and under the pressure of these two circumstances long evening dresses just had become shorter.

The most famous cocktail dress of all time was the "little black dress" Coco Chanel. Besides that this style has become extremely popular and remains so to this day, there is one more interesting fact related to this model.

Chanel came up with this dress in the days of her grief - her lover died tragically, and with it the one true love of the Great Mademoiselle. Her genius has created a model of dress that made black color, which was previously considered exclusively mourning, elegant and refined. Clean lines, a modest semi-circular cut-out, narrow, long sleeves, long a little below the knees were still the standard of elegance and taste.

Since then passed a long time and the fashion world took a step forward with the times. Modern cocktail dresses can be of different shapes and cut. Allowed and skinny silhouette and full skirt, drapes and flounces, in a cocktail dress may be overestimated waist or, for example, it may be bustier dress.

So, cocktail dresses can be extremely varied in cut, color and style, but there is one rule that deals with all of them. May be open or top, or bottom, if the legs are open - closed chest, and if deep neckline dress, then its length should be significant.

Choosing a style of holiday dresses, guided by their own type figure. Stand in front of a mirror and determine what type it is: Triangle, Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass. Here are their distinguishing features.

Triangle - broad shoulders, narrow hips. Your choice on the model with wide straps and oblique wide skirt. You can decorate the dress bow at the hip or drapery.

Pear - rounded hips. Very good on you will look like a dress with a high waist and asymmetrical silhouette. Shawl, a silk scarf or Bolero perfectly complement the basic outfit.

Rectangle - waist is not expressed very clearly. Also great fit model with a high waist. Well, if the dress is two-color - top and have different colors, complemented by interesting belt will look harmonious and elegant.

Hourglass - women with this type of figure can not be shy in choosing, they will fit any style. The only wish - do not make too deep notch.

Horoscope 2012 will be the year of the Dragon. In this New Year's Eve preferred black and gold (or yellow) color, as well as possible green and red. Still - Dragon loves to shine, so do not hesitate in choosing jewelry (only in the heat of the preparation does not turn into a Christmas tree dressed up). Also in this New Year's Eve would be appropriate fantasy makeup and manicure.

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