How to keep a fur coat

How to keep a fur coat
 Beautiful coat - a reliable protection from the cold, luxury and style. Rare fashionista can afford to buy a new fur coat every season. And because this expensive article of clothing must be properly stored. Then your fur coat will look great and will not lose its heat-shielding properties.
 Before with the onset of spring days to hang a coat for storage, it is necessary to make a picky inspection. Maybe your pet need dry cleaning? If you find heavy dirt, stains, do not take the money and use the services of professionals. Then we can hope that the mole does not want to eat this very thing - she loves dirt and greasy spots.

Before the "References" coats for spring-summer storage it should be thoroughly dried. You do not want to start an expensive thing to rot and beautiful fur lost its beautiful view? Some owners hang their coats on the balcony, under bright sunlight. This is - an unforgivable mistake that can lead to burnout dark fur. White fur can get ugly yellow hue. Just hang a coat in a dark, well-ventilated room. Let hang a couple of days. Then comb the fur, holding a comb with a few teeth along the pile.

Keep coat best in the linen bag. Now you can buy a breathable pouch in the economic department, and it will have a wire brace that will not let the fur and wring wrinkle.

When you hang a coat on a hanger, pay attention to their width. Too narrow hanger can cause ugly strain things.

Keep fur should be in a dark room unheated. It is better if the temperature is not too high. Fur real fans even use special refrigerators for storing coats: the price is very high, because we can use such a device in the rental of specialized firms.

If stored properly, fur thing will look great for years to come. And when the wind howl outside and the sky cold snowflakes fly, you wrapped in a beautiful and comfortable coat.

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