How to develop a taste for clothes

How to develop a taste for clothes
 Develop a taste in clothes, learn to dress nice and stylish need in childhood. Surround yourself with beautiful things, studied art, go to the theater, exhibitions and museums. Are always interested in fashion trends, key brands, go to shows.
 Start with the color combinations - a good set of clothes is determined, above all, competent selection of colors. The spectrum of colors, shades and decide which ones you like best. Then find your tsvetotip, and experiment with "their" colors. For each of the seven primary colors, there is a shade that enhances the brightness, lying next to him (the classic example is the combination of green and red colors). Find the right color for each pair him - you can imagine everything in a table, where the colors are placed opposite each other.

No matter which color suits you best, always remember the three universal shades that will never go out of fashion - white, black, gray and austere. You can use these colors to create successful combinations. Rate color transitions into each other - they can be smooth or sharp contrast. Choosing clothes, experiment with shades of transition, it can give an unexpected visual effect.

Gradual transition to the study of tissues. Basic patterns - cell strip flower. Box and strip can not be combined into one ensemble. To striped or plaid things looked spectacular, you need to combine them with a monochromatic fabric.

Examine the figure, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. The ability to dress well requires the ability to accentuate all the attractive side and hide everything you need to correct. Tall and thin girls is better to give preference to a lush and voluminous shapes, thick fabric, garments, dividing the figure in half. Low and dense women should abandon flared dresses, skirts and trousers, colorful ornaments and slim line dresses. With short legs and elongated body is not necessary to focus on any one part of the body - try to visually raise the waistline by wearing dresses with short bodice, trousers with a high seating position and high heels. Long legs and a short torso, you can mask the tops and T-shirts to the production, skirts and jeans, sitting on the hips.

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