How to create a wardrobe at all times?

How to create a wardrobe at all times?
 In pursuit of a desire to always look fresh and fashionable for women of all good. But is it justified? "I see that the fashion wears out more apparel than the man," - said Shakespeare. What do you choose: to replenish wardrobe with new things and quickly get bored or find a "middle ground", create your own wardrobe at all times?

What kind of things should be a wardrobe of the modern woman, that she never cried, "there is nothing to wear! »

Thus, it is:

Classic coat. Double-breasted or single-breasted, long or to the middle of the knee, coat-robe with shawl collar - it must be for you to face and figure. Colors - basic: black, sand, beige, dark brown, gray. You can always spice it up a fashion accessory: a bright scarf, scarf or gloves.

Cloak - trench. Once it gabardine coat, released as an alternative overcoat protects against rain and wind strong men and women. Now it is always a fashion trend, the recommended colors - black, dark blue, beige or gray. Add feminine scarf, bright clutch pumps with a heel - and your image will always be relevant.

Classic trouser suit, a style that best emphasize the advantages of your figure, in pastel colors. There should be two: of thick fabric (spring, winter, autumn) and light fabric, for example, flax (summer).

Black cashmere sweater. Complement any bottom, can be part of both everyday and festive wardrobe.

The little black dress - a classic of the genre of Coco Chanel. Dress the same can not necessarily be black, but not necessarily small, and be in your wardrobe should fail.

Dark pencil skirt long before the middle of the knee or just above.

Jeans base model, dark blue and straight.

Jacket, tweed or leather, which can be combined with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

Tops, sweaters, blouses - they determine the amount themselves, they must be combined with all the basic things in your wardrobe.

Shoes will require you to be a good investment in its quality, and its number corresponds to the change of seasons. In your closet must be classic boats - black and bright colors, festive high heels, ballet flats or loafers, boots and boots, preferably dark-colored shoes and sneakers, and for the summer - sandals with heels and sandals.

Bags can be all three, but they are just as shoes should be made of genuine leather and universal forms: bulk bag for everyday wardrobe, business bag, evening bag or clutch.

All of the above items form the backbone of your wardrobe to it, you can easily pick up this or that actual thing, if you take it a rule: random things in your closet should not be!

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