Choose your style of clothing

Choose your style of clothing
 The art of dressing stylishly and elegantly need to learn - not always the sense of taste is innate quality. Often in the search for a man of his style replaces the set of images - in experiments emerging understanding of their own image.

Develop their own style based on the search for ideas that will help to bring clothes, accessories, hairstyle and makeup. We should not blindly copy favorite image of the famous actress or model - each person is different, and his style is intended to emphasize and reflect that individuality.

Skin search should start by identifying their habits, preferences, lifestyle, character traits. Often what we represent in fact, at odds with their own image in our thoughts. To do this, you need to experiment with color and style - make it better at home or in stores where there is a possibility of repeated fitting. Use someone's advice in this case is useful, but a person must assess impartially you - the seller is interested in selling, and best friend may have a "disservice." So often have to rely on how comfortable we feel in the image.

If you tend to dream a lot, you soft and gentle man with a fine spiritual organization, aggressive and shocking things are not for you. Your style - an amalgam of aristocratic sophistication with a touch of bohemian. Feminine fabrics, sophisticated cut, shoes with low heels and vintage accessories will help you find yourself more fully express their preferences.

Girls just in communication and loving orderly fit the strict lines of the classic style - straight leg, conservative length, restrained colors and a minimum of decoration.

Active and energetic ladies like sportswear - free silhouette, bright colors, comfort throughout. Occupation of these girls need a practical and comfortable clothing, because it is in such clothes they feel the most relaxed and open.

Mixture of several styles - the lot of extravagant and independent women. The bold combination of colors, shapes and decorations are always attracted attention and stand out from the crowd - this is what seeking eccentric nature.

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