Anton Yelchin in the advertising video Kenzo

In the load to a recent advertising campaign photostories Kenzo has now come to the story, encased in a video sequence. A major role in the fashion short film played Anton Yelchin.

Surrealism - an integral part of all advertising campaigns Kenzo. And videos in this regard is no exception. However, the director Hala Matar decided not afford to deliberate flirtation with the style and put all the strangeness surrealism is not the entourage, and the events taking place in the video. Automobile Waltz (this is the name short film advertising Kenzo) supposedly came from the 60's, not only in the wrapper, but also for stuffing. The main characters, who performed the role of Anton Yelchin and Lydia Hearst, waltzing around the court in candy gigs. At one colorful shirt. The other - a steep curls. Their second Dialogue countries musicians of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. Somewhere in the middle of the movie goes on Yelchin fashionable now Russian. Policeman appears in the frame in at least high fashion sneakers Kenzo. In short, a flight of fancy as it is.