What is going on last call?

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 Last call - a solemn farewell to the school, school yard, school desk, with your favorite teachers. And look at this festival you have one hundred percent.

The image of the "Lady"

Dress without extreme cuts, moderately short and simple in cut. Colors may be from pastel to bright. Luxury evening dress will not be appropriate, because this event is held usually in the afternoon or in the morning.

The image of "grader"

The most important thing is, of course, well-ironed silk white apron with frills and ruches, beautiful white stockings, ribbons or bows. This dress is very touching and always relevant to this celebration.

Graduates in this dress do not forget about the peculiarities of behavior. Try not to spoil such a nice gentle way harmful "adult" habits. Imagine how unattractive and ugly looks overgrown "first-grader" with a bottle of beer and a cigarette in his hand. It was possible at the end of the official part to change into other clothes and go with classmates to celebrate the holiday apart from their teachers.

The image of "dark bottom, white top" or vice versa.

Revive the classics of the genre, you can use bright shiny accessories or shoes. You all seem very boring? Then you should do the opposite. Let the shirt or blouse will be dark, and a skirt or pants light shades. This combination of colors looks very stylish and impressive. If you have a white bottom, then put on exclusively white shoes with them will look stylish few accessories to match and bright clutch.

The image of "naive romanticism"

Is still a young playful girl, who began to flirt, and at the same time is gentle and naive. You want to look that way, then you need to choose drapes, beautiful buttons, brooches, artificial flowers and, of course, fitting silhouettes.

So, are the only basic images, but you can come up with something of their own. Good luck with the choice of attire. Classmates and immediately on the spot for their beauty and style.

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