Underwear: how to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses

Underwear: how to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses
 Ideal parameters can boast few girls. Lovely Lady always find a lot of shortcomings own figures, often not available to the eyes. But you can adjust your body and using properly sized underwear.


Correctly chosen bra - half success. After all, if it does not fit, then all will be spoiled impression - too big breasts in a small bra will form unwanted creases over the cups and just look ugly and small breasts in large cups will look unnaturally empty, which immediately caught my eye.

For small breasts, you can use a special model with push-up effect. They are well maintained and give volume. Small breasts notable for the fact that it is possible to select and special models strapless, which are indispensable for a cocktail dress or open top.

But for the third breast size and is recommended to choose a bra with soft cups, "bones" and wide straps that will provide good support.


Ugly belly, forming folds while sitting, you can "clean" with the corset. He will be able to tighten the stomach and even give shape to the breast.

Make the perfect belly will help and a special bandage. This is a fairly wide belt that can pull the and "upper" and "lower" belly. And most importantly - under his clothes, he is invisible.


Girls with curvaceous recommended to choose classic panties or shorts. In addition, the underwear should be form-fitting but not too narrow, or panties will peredavlivat the skin, forming a nasty creases and bumps that can not be hide clothing.

Pull the belly and thighs also help high-waisted pants made of elastic fabric. But thong panties and Brazilian suited only to those ladies who have perfect ass and does not need additional support.

Thus, considering all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, each girl will be able to choose the right lingerie for themselves.

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