The more dangerous heels

The more dangerous heels
 Often dictates the rules of fashion wear clothes and shoes of the type which is contrary to the requirements of maintaining health. It's hard to find a woman who sacrificed for the sake of beauty convenience and comfort of the foot, replacing the studs on the shoes with flat soles.  
 Undoubtedly, the high heel is very effective, it visually lengthens the leg, a woman becomes higher, straightens his shoulders, steps become shorter and femininity.

For this beauty you have to pay health. So, wearing high heel women changing the center of gravity: the body moves forward, back to balance out back, which is why there is a shift of vertebrae, pelvis, followed by the incorrect position occupied by the internal organs. Because of this bias arise diseases of the spine and pelvis, as well as inflammation of the digestive system.

High heel causes excessive overloading of the forefoot. The load body is only at the toe, which causes poor circulation, which is why there is varicose veins. Also wearing high heels provokes cross flatfoot, which does not allow normal overcome even short distances due to pain in the foot.

Another consequence of wearing high heels - overexertion of muscles, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women. This leads to uterine hypertonus, stretch marks on the abdomen, swelling. Pregnant women heels contraindicated.

And, of course, wearing high heels is the cause of the increased possibility of injury, especially in the winter, as the heels harder to maintain balance.

There are a few tips on how to reduce the harm of heels at least minimally:

- You need to buy comfortable shoes. It is desirable to measure it in the evening, as the evening stop slightly increased.
- Give your feet rest, go barefoot more often, and put his feet on the hill relative to the body.
- Protect yourself and your legs to those women who have a tendency to varicose veins.
- Do not wear high heels for women who, because of the profession for a long time on their feet.
- When wearing heels useful every day to roll a tennis ball along the foot.
- It is useful to make the evening a cold bath for the feet.

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