Simple rules for the care of women's shoes

Simple rules for the care of women's shoes
 Undoubtedly, an essential attribute of any woman's wardrobe - it's a beautiful, fashionable, elegant, stylish shoes. Whatever the weather lady legs should look perfect. You should not scare nor rain, nor snow, nor the scorching sun, not sultry frost, you do not have to think about what will happen with the shoes. You want to be confident in yourself and your beautiful boots, sandals, slippers or just shales. In order to maintain a flawless and comfortable shoes for a long time, it is necessary to know and take into account the simple rules of care for women's shoes.

Unfortunately, the climate often feels the strength not only us but our clothes and shoes. Autumn rains with their dictates special rules Shoe care and experience our winter boots, tossing us all the new snow surprises, as well as chemicals - salt and sand, through which utilities are struggling with the rapid melting of ice. Failure to comply with the most basic precautions and some rules Shoe care of your new clothes might suffer, and in some cases simply become unusable. They may not only lose its former appearance, color and shape, but also to become awkward and uncomfortable to wear.

Rule one.
Immediately after buying new shoes, whether boots, shoes, sandals or other products, be sure to acquire special means of protection against dirt and water to be used solely for the material of construction of your new dress and shoes treat this tool even before it wear.

The second rule.
If purchased shoes or sandals have thin soles or high thin heel, immediately set in any shoe repair shop preventive rubber outsole and new indelibly printed cloth.

Rule three.
Buying shoes for the season, be sure to buy several pairs, since the shoes should be changed every day, enabling it to properly dry out, even if it is worn in dry weather.

Rule Four.
Dry for their shoes only at room temperature on special braces without additional heaters, dryers and hair dryers.

Rule Five.
Produce processing and shoeshine special creams only after its complete drying.

Rule Six.
Wear shoes only with a special shoe blade.

Rule seventh.
Remove your shoes carefully and accurately, without attempting to apply the other sock feet. This can not only ruin the shoes, scratches her cover, but also cause damage to the heel and other changes.

Rule eight.
Use only the means to care for shoes that are designed and recommended only for the material (leather, suede, fabric, kozhazamenitel, etc.), which made your shoes. This should give preference to either the trusted manufacturers that recommend shoe brands. You should not experiment, it can lead to disastrous results.

Rule ninth.
Wipe shoes or treated with special tools after every use, despite the fact that the shoes look perfect.

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