Science wearing heels

Science wearing heels
 Many men believe that the ability to walk nicely in shoes with heels belongs to every woman. But in fact correct, confident gait heels requires training.

In order to learn how to walk in high heels, first try to resemble small - 4-6 cm. They are ideal for everyday wear, in addition, they will not have too much stress on the feet, allowing you to quickly adapt to the average height of the heel.

If you do not have shoes on average heel, try to exercise every day in a different way of walking in high heels. Do it barefoot. Lock his foot so that the heel on the floor has a height of 5 cm is optimal. Walk so at home for some time. This simple exercise will strengthen the muscles. And you quickly get used to the new position of the foot for you.

In the first days of training your legs are likely to experience discomfort. To avoid or eliminate discomfort, try to make a relaxing bath, to massage, lubricate them with special creams.

After a week of training go to the shoes on a high heel. However, they should not be worn every day. Wear them only for celebrations or go out. They have to foot a large voltage. As a result of continuous wear high heels can begin to develop many diseases. The most common - it varices.

Now you are faced with another problem - the right to form a graceful gait. It also requires training. Every day for half an hour walk around the house in slippers. Walked directly to the entire sole entirely, try to walk smoothly and confidently. In addition, it is important to keep good posture, do not lower your head down, in any case, do not slouch. About a week later you will walk in grace and confidence.

By choosing shoes with heels Treat very carefully. Shoe shoes should be as convenient. Only in comfortable shoes you can attract glances to his easy and beautiful gait.

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