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 Freedom-loving nature, a traveler, an intellectual and just beautiful girls have always been partial to bright and unusual ethnic clothes. Ethnic was a special honor in the hippie era in the free 70s, but today, thanks to a special charm has not lost its popularity.  

Costumes of different nations of the world - an inexhaustible source of inspiration for haute couture. Clothes each season has its own country favorites: winter clothing traditionally includes Russian and Scandinavian motifs, autumn and spring often borrows clothes from the culture of American Indians and summer wardrobe is impossible to imagine without fabrics, colors and styles that are popular in Africa, India and East .

The most relevant direction ethnics today is a combination of the American cowboy style with the style of the Indians, gauchos. Suffice it to recall the heroes and heroines of the Indiana Jones Chronicles, to trace models of everyday women's clothing that trend. Voluminous blouse with wide sleeves made of thin cotton lace strapped at the neck or simply with a deep neckline, tiered skirt curvy, thin delicate dresses from variegated cotton, silk or chiffon - all this combined with things made of leather and denim, such as jackets and jackets.

Leather short shorts too reminiscent of the Wild West Amazons equipment, as well as shirts in small and large cell, cowboy hats and boots. Gaucho clothes elements - it's bright and traditional to their culture prints, beadwork and threads in clothes and shoes, colorful scarves, wide belts, hats. And of course, the bulk of the coat-cape wool and leather bag with fringe and numerous decorations and baubles.

African motifs are still relevant in light clothing. This tunics and cloaks of thin eco-friendly fabrics in the style of a Bedouin pants Zouaves, prints on dresses in the style of African ornaments and dresses are very bright colors of African women - red, orange, and especially trendy this season yellow. Beads and bracelets made of natural materials, scarves on their heads or African braids make the image complete and original.

Oriental motifs in summer clothes - this is a classic: long, thin shirt, loose trousers made of linen and cotton, colored trousers or overalls, breeches (summer hit), colored or white scarves and stoles. The abundance of small multilayer jewelry gold and silver color, with natural stones, wide and narrow metal bracelets complement the image of the mysterious oriental beauty.

Indian ethnics - a classic of the genre: saris and shirts, tunics and long colorful skirts, colorful scarves, embroidered bags fit perfectly into the fashionable look of bohemian residents of the modern metropolis.

However, choosing a ethnics, you must have the impeccable sense of proportion and style, because these bright and "speaking" things in the best case will underline your individuality, and at worst - to make the character costume movie.

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