How to choose shoes with heels

How to choose shoes with heels
 There are two approval. According to one, every woman knows how to masterfully run on the subway even heels height 9 cm. The second is related to the recognition that heels - the inheritance of a chosen mass of people, while others are not able to master them. Oddly enough, both of these statements are true. This will be obvious if an amendment to the first sentence: Any woman who knows how to choose shoes with heels, and can run on the subway a virtuoso even on high heels 9 cm.  

In fact, to find a suitable pair of shoes - an art that requires a woman much more skill and time than the development of the wisdom of using heels. Using a few simple tips, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

First, before you even make a fitting, make a quality product. It should not have adhesive at the seams, the insole should lie flat. If this suede shoes, check for abrasions, leather - scratches. Make sure that the right heel to center - it should not be shifted to the left or right side.

If the selected pair did not arouse suspicion, go for a fitting. But first ask the seller to bring the two couples - one size larger and smaller than your standard. This is due to the fact that some companies focused on the production of undersized shoes, and some prefer to supply the market with shoes for people with heavy lifting.

Make sure that you have tights or socks made of nylon, so you can easily try on shoes. If you are in running shoes, and so I had to wear normal socks, grab nylon with him. Not worth trying shoes on bare foot.

If you try on shoes, and do not feel uncomfortable, try to get up and walk. Listen carefully to your feelings: not your shoe instantly will make itself felt. You are uncertain how upset the balance. Do not neglect the opportunity several times to walk along the shop floor is not limited to a couple of steps.

See how it looks shoe on your foot out of it in the mirror. Privstante on tiptoe poperiminaytes from foot to foot. If shoes made of genuine leather, do not worry if they are a little too tight: further material deforms under your foot shape.

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