How to choose a swimsuit for your figure type

How to choose a swimsuit for your figure type
 Ahead summer vacations, beach and sea. Look attractive on a background of the sun - a matter of honor for the fairer sex. Perfect figure - happiness, get hold units for women, and for the rest there is a simple solution. After all, any disadvantage can be cleverly hidden using a properly sized swimsuit.
 Selected by type figure swimsuit will make you visually slimmer, hides a couple of pounds, visually adjust the shape of the body.

Wide hips and heavy bottom. Your task - to draw attention to the breasts and narrow hips visually. For this suit swimwear with a bright top and bottom of monochromatic dark. You can also pick up the melting vertical pattern. Will look good on wide hips leotard with a skirt or a solid with a square neckline bodice. Do not buy a narrow bikini swimwear with belts, light color and cross pattern.

Big breasts. This woman's dignity is sometimes excessive and unnecessary eye-catching. Therefore, large breasts have to visually reduce. For this suit swimwear with a dark top, underwire and wide straps, firmly supporting heavy bust. But a bikini halter-ropes just is not worth buying.

Small breasts. If you have a small bust, choose a swimsuit with foam cups with underwire. You can not afford strapless bodice with ruffles, frills, folds, drapes and other excesses. Choose bright light, bright. But the bottom of the swimsuit should be darker. Avoid the black top, horizontal stripes, shapeless cups. It will only reduce your visual already small breasts.

Broad shoulders. To visually make the shoulders less broad, buy a swimsuit with V-shaped or oval plunging neckline. Also you fit swimsuits with straps, tied at the neck. But any decorations, especially the massive, near the shoulder (flower, ribbon, frill) you should avoid.

Full figure. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, buy a swimsuit strictly on the figure. Any deviation in one direction or another will only accentuate your overweight. Full figure is best to dress in One Piece Swimsuits made of thick, elastic fabric without shine. Choose color dark and deep. Pay attention to the notch on the thighs. It should be an average. Hide the belly will help correcting fabric insert Lycra lace. You will approach a deep neckline, wide-set straps, vertical pattern. All of these techniques will make you visually slimmer. Instead pareo is better to buy a translucent tunic and wide-brimmed hat, which balances the proportions of the figure.

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