How can I get dressed in the last call

How can I get dressed in the last call
 Last call - this is the most important event in the life of each student. This solemn farewell to beloved teachers, school desks, school yard. And look at this event, you must open.

Many schools now administered form and require the children to come to the final bell in a smart suit. Do not be afraid of this fact. Look original and beautiful and can be in the form, you need only focus on the important stuff.

Firstly, your form should look great. Classic jacket and skirt must sit perfectly. But to the choice should be approached carefully blouses, because the classic blouse - it is not always boring. Modern stores offer a huge range of blouses and shirts with various thingies, ribbons, laces. You can play with style. But what to say, even buttons can look amazing.

Second, pay attention to the shoes. Shoes may be not only black but, for example, blue and brown tones, if only they were combined with your complete manner. Heels and shoes spouts are often decorated with a variety of savory items. It looks interesting and, at the same time, without distracting from the classical context.

Third, take care of gorgeous hairstyle. Of course, the magnificent white bows - a very topical option, but nicely laid loose hair will also look very advantageous. Make yourself easy not flashy makeup, emphasizing the dignity of your face.

Choose decorations for your suit. Pearl beads, gold or silver earrings, patterned bracelets and other accessories will give your image a great festivity.

Do not forget about accessories such as belts and handbags. Pick an elegant clutch. Many girls look just great in neatly knotted at the neck tie. This interesting component of clothing came into vogue recently, but firmly maintains its position.

If your school does not insist on a suit, it would be the best little black platishko or old school uniform: an apron and shirt.

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