Hollywood Cinderella and shoemaker

Hollywood Cinderella and shoemaker
 Shoemaker Hollywood - this is a great and famous Salvatore Ferragamo. His clients included many great actors, actresses and dancers dream factory. But if the men of the world's most famous shoemaker worked reluctantly, his track record a few pairs of men's shoes, the women Ferragamo worked a lot and very willingly. He even divided them into Cinderellas, Venus and aristocratic.

On a deep belief master Cinderella feminine, like furs and jewelry and have no more than 36 foot-gauge. Venus beautiful, charming and contradictory, and Aristocrat - sensitive, noble and wear shoes 38-gauge. According to this classification, Cinderella - this is Mary Pickford, Gina Lollobrigida, Evita Peron, Ava Gardner; Venus - Anna Pavlova, Eva Braun, Queen Elizabeth I and Rita Hayworth, also applies to the aristocrat Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman.

At various times, his client was Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Judy Garland, Carmen Miranda, Andy Warhol, Rudolph Valentino and many others. And every star Salvatore Ferragamo found a different approach could reassure and convince even the most daring to wear model. At the same time he knew the taste of each of his client: for example, Marilyn Monroe always ordered odinnadtsatisantimetrovye studs and Audrey Hepburn - ballet flats, Countess of Windsor Newest preferred shoes of white satin, who bought in a variety of, and Andy Warhol while drawing wore shoes Salvatore - single male model in a vast collection of works of Ferragamo.

He also remembered and all the whims of their star clients, such as Marlene Dietrich never wore the same pair of shoes two more times, and Evita Peron, like Clara Petacci, prefer the classic models of the most insane and causing design.

From his workshop came unique shoes Sophia Loren of needle lace and gold huskies, velvet pumps Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland futuristic sandals. A "invisible" sandals, made of nylon thread and gold huskies, in 1947 received the award Nieman Marcus - an analogue of "Oscar" in the fashion-industry.

It all began in the late nineteenth century, in a small Italian village Bonito near Naples. Salvatore Ferragamo was born in a farmer's family and was the eleventh child of fourteen. However, his fate was predetermined from the very birth. First of all, on the outskirts of Naples sew shoes were able to almost everything, and the older brother of the future "master shoemaker Hollywood" left in the United States before he was born. Immigration and dreaming young Salvatore Ferragamo, but he could only go on reaching 12 years of age. After graduating from the three classes of rural schools, Ferragamo came to the studio of local cobbler Luigi, despite a categorical ban parents. He later recalled: "No matter how poor was not a family, a shoemaker was even poorer ..."

His first in the life of a pair of shoes he sewed in eight (according to other sources, the nine-year) age for the younger sisters, who had nothing to go to church for the ceremony of communion. At age 12, he opened his first shoe shop in his parents' home, hired a few apprentices and began to sew women's shoes for sale. And in 16 years, a dream come true Salvatore Ferragamo, he moved to the United States. Very soon the master had already acclaimed as the "shoemaker of dreams", in turn lined up for him the most eminent citizens and residents of Hollywood. Each pair of shoe became a masterpiece of art: experimentation with materials for the manufacture and finishing of shoes, jewelry from diamonds and pearls, gold and silver lace, ostrich feathers and seaweed, interior decoration of the skins of animals and snakes.

Thanks to his irrepressible imagination became fashionable shoes and sandals wedges and platform wedge heels and heels cells, as well as sandals with ties, narrow shoes with flat soles and more. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes valued not only for innovation, but also for convenience. He learned mathematics and anatomy to make the perfect shoes. It was out of his hands came the first comfortable shoes with heels. "Proper footwear supports the arch of the foot as if to clasp her hand; no finger should not rest on the toe shoes ", - said the maestro.

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