Fighting on the heels ...

Fighting on the heels ...
 A lot of heated debate cause high heels. Doctors warn against the occurrence of specific diseases, women complain about the inconvenience. However, life is different.

It is generally accepted that beautiful female legs attract attention each representative of the stronger sex. In order to emphasize this irresistible natural wealth, many women walk in high heels, although debate about the benefits or harm the latter does not cease to this day.

However, the visual effect produced by high heels, is undeniable. Woman on the heels looks much grace, because it becomes easy gait, posture changes for the better. Heels add height, with his feet on the views are much longer. That is, the pros are much larger, and women use them to the fullest. And the examples that could be cited.

In our time, have already become a tradition to enter the race in high heels. In Moscow, these races are held more than one year. Women who have been victorious in the women's high (no less than 9 cm) heels awarded prizes.
And how much emotion accompanies this kind of competition! Even taking into account the increased risk of serious injury, such events are a lot of wishing to take in the women most directly involved.
But this struggle has a pronounced festive character. Sometimes the pins can literally save the life of his owner. For example, in a duel with a surprise attack rapist sharp hairpin can play the role of the present stylet. Unless, of course, the right to strike.

Or another interesting example of unconventional use the same pins. About three years ago, in the midst of the economic crisis, the London lawyers at the request of its leadership moved to fashionable clothes. For women, high heels have become mandatory, in which they looked much sexier. And this is an interesting measure of the flow of customers attracted by giving lawyers the opportunity at a difficult time staying afloat.
The conclusion is clear - the studs are essential. Woman wearing high heels, becomes the winner not only in competitions, but also in life.

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