Everyday wardrobe: how to combine beauty and practicality

Everyday wardrobe: how to combine beauty and practicality
 So, everyday wardrobe. How to combine beauty and practicality? This issue is of concern to many women and men. Everyone wants to look beautiful, but feel comfortable. It is quite possible to combine. A little taste and reasonable approach to the case, and the problem is solved.  

Practicality wardrobe is characterized as follows:

1. Interchangeable elements. Trousers and skirts should go well with jackets, blouses and jackets and style, and texture, and color.

2. Easy to wear. Things should not cause discomfort, the freedom of movement. They need to impeccable cut and quality of finish. Only in this case the thing will last a long time, will always look good.

3. Quality and natural fabrics (wool, cotton, cashmere), which allow the product to keep the shape and long enough to look decent. It is best if casual wear will be sewn from fabrics that do not require special care. For example, a thing of linen without the addition of synthetic very wrinkled, and daily wear is not possible. Although it is also a kind of chic - rumpled linen suit. But once it is clear that it is made of natural fabrics.

Beauty wardrobe items is determined by:

1. Compliance with the size, as well as a clear silhouette of things that highlights all the advantages and hide flaws figures. Are optimal straight semilying and tapered silhouettes. Skirts and trousers knitwear, on the contrary, pay attention to the disadvantages, so buying them is only recommended for people with a perfect figure. For the rest, the best fit things from fabrics, keep in shape and visually pull-up figure.

2. High-quality tailoring, a good cut, perfectly straight lines.

3. The colors combined with each other and appropriate to the type of appearance of the owner.

4. The combination of items of clothing fabric texture. Skirt and jacket must be one of the fabric texture. Should not be put on the top and bottom of the same color, but different fabric textures.

5. Suitable underwear, which is not peeking out from under the clothes and the color contrasts. Pantyhose should be flesh-colored or same color as the shoes. It is unacceptable to wear thick tights with sandals and thin - with boots.

To create a beautiful and practical wardrobe, it is first necessary to pick up a basic wardrobe. For example, there are two most common everyday clothing style: business and casual. In any wardrobe should be present and one thing, and the second style. After all, life is not limited to work and study. People of creative professions do not adhere to the business style, but in their wardrobe must have at least one business suit. At any time, a situation may arise when it is absolutely necessary.

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