Dress: the key to feminine image

 Skirt and blouse we need to just get dressed. But you can dress and go to a restaurant, and even to see the light.

I recently collected a suitcase on a long trip to many cities. I came to the conclusion that the contents comprised almost exclusively of the dress. Different styles of clothes there was no place. No details, just an armful of dresses, two pairs of tights and three pairs of shoes - and for half an hour all packed!

Two years ago it was different. Then dress seen as clothing for special occasions (weddings, christenings, cocktail parties, etc.), and now they are on a daily basis. And rightly so, because anything a woman does not look more feminine than in a beautiful dress. At the same time dress expresses a certain style, than, for example, blouse and skirt that you need to be selected carefully to each other.

In Hollywood style

Already on the topic of who wears a dress like, you can clear the whole film. Someone puts it over his head, while others - through the legs. In any case, it is desirable to put on a dress petticoat or a combination, as Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." And in general, in the old Hollywood movies have a lot to learn with regard to dress and how to wear them. For example, the fact that even today need someone who could help fasten the zipper long or many small pugovok. Then slip into a pair of legs befitting the occasion boats. It is not necessary that they are made of crocodile skin, as Holly Golightly. Sunglasses - on the nose, clutch under his arm - and more!

Even dining with a friend in a dress you feel differently than in the denim skirt. The same thing - on a date with a man. A man can always ask: "How do you like my dress? "Then he will feel flattered and will try to say something clever, because he likes this style of dress. And when a man gives a dress, it is generally one of the most romantic and pleasant gifts.

And in your wardrobe already hangs a lot of dresses. Forgotten skirt with a blouse for a week lying on a chair. Dress deserved a separate hanger and its place in the closet. However, to find the perfect dress, will have to spend a lot of time.

Here's what to look for when buying a dress and wear it:

• If possible, buy a universal dress. Embellished dress stand out too, besides, they can be worn only on special occasions once a season. The colors of this summer - pink, dark blue and light beige.
• Unlike other things, the dress is not easily damaged and longer retain the form. During the sales do not aspire to save on the dress, and then it will last you longer.
• To dress needs the right hairstyle. Thus, the "nest" on the head would not hurt to eliminate using the styler.
• Who wears a dress, of course, watching his mannerisms and behaves with proper elegance.
• shuffling shoes to the dress is not. Perfectly suited chic boots with opaque tights or a nice boat. The higher the heel, the more effective way.
• From under the hem should appear sometimes edge lace petticoat.

Wear a dress: it's more convenient than a separate skirt and blouse, it gives femininity and make you feel a true lady.

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