What to properly combine leopard, velvet and lace

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 Lace fabric, velvet fabric with a print "leopard" - so independent that the combination of these complex in texture and color materials with inappropriate things can not only simplify the image, but also make it vulgar.
 When creating its image on the basis of these things difficult materials should remember one general rule, it is very similar to the way chosen wine to the table. If the dish is delicious and complex with a culinary point of view, to offer him a simple wine, and vice versa. Therefore, things made of velvet, lace or fabric with leopard is better to combine with clothes laconic cut and aged color. In addition to this basic rule has several features to combine into a single image different in texture materials.

Things fabric with leopard print looks good not only with black or dark gray article of clothing, but also with white. Other colors should be chosen with great care, since they can enter into dissonance with each other. In addition, a leopard print must think carefully about makeup and accessories to the image does not get yelled and cheap. It is best to combine things with such coloring with narrowed trousers or jeans, dresses or skirts strict silhouette.

Lace material itself is extremely sexy, so do not make the image too frank, trying to find a dress or top provocative style. In the end, wardrobe items from lace should not look like underwear. And in addition to this simple thing is to choose accessories and shoes. In addition, you can play on the difference in textures, for example, try to combine fine lace with black suede shoes. But it is important to feel the line between stylish and vulgar, so patent sandals combined with lace topom may look cheap.

As for the things of velvet, in their selection should be remembered that this luxurious material adds a few pounds. Therefore, in order not to burden the image, it is important to choose the right shoes, and do not seek to fully equip yourself accessories and ornaments. In addition, a style velvet items of clothing should not be complicated by numerous details, inserts and draperies. If I want to create an ensemble of a velvet dress or a top, in addition to it, you can choose a fitted jacket and light neutral color strap sandals.

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