The thing with history: a pencil skirt

The thing with history: a pencil skirt
 Many ladies want to have a wardrobe of clothes, do not lose their relevance. It refers to such things pencil skirt. Due to strict cover it can be put on a business meeting in the office and in the evening performance pencil skirt adds elegance and aristocratic refinement of its owner.
 World fashion designers for decades used a pencil skirt as the basis of their collections. Discoverer of the silhouette in the world of high fashion is Christian Dior. It was he who in 1951 released a collection «Naturelle», in which special attention is paid tapered skirts. The collection was a huge success, and the pencil skirt since become an integral part of the wardrobe fashionistas worldwide.

In 1956, K. Dior creates the latest in his life collection Flèche («Arrow"), dedicated to the search for new forms of laconic in a cut. This time the designer seeks to minimalism in the finish, giving up the folds and lush draperies. The collection is dominated by narrow form-fitting jackets, pencil skirts and dresses-cases.

In the early 90s pencil skirts have become an inherent part of any business in the wardrobe lady. Strict office style personified the independence and power of a business woman. So they remain in our time.

With pencil skirt can emphasize its possessor as elegance on society reception and its independence in the business environment.

Pencil skirt can rightly be considered a classic. Thanks to the clear cut lines and the absence of foreign parts, it does not lose its relevance and loved by women of all ages and body type.

In other words, if you are the owner curvy figure and choose a skirt with a high waist, full hips that are not so visible. Girls small stature are advised to wear a pencil skirt with a tight-fitting jacket and turtleneck. Ladies high in combination with a skirt suit fitting bolero.

As a material for pencil skirt most often used satin, wool and brocade.

Create a vivid image for the evening celebration will help you blend satin skirt, silk blouse and high-heeled shoes. The image can be supplemented clutch. Pencil skirt is an excellent basis for a new, sensual and feminine style.

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