Teenage fashion: that like both children and their parents

Teenage fashion: that like both children and their parents
 Teenage fashion often causes irritation in adults and misunderstanding. More recently, neat kids dressed careful hand moms start to choose sometimes unimaginable things. However, teenage fashion is not so terrible: you can choose clothes that will appeal to both parents and by the young dandies.
 Teen puts not just to look stylish. Clothing - a way of self-expression, the ability to tell the world who he is, the chance to be seen. It is no wonder that some guys hang themselves with symbols of the head so the legs in an attempt to find like-minded people and to stand out from the crowd. In adolescence, it is a necessity, but to express their preferences can also be stylish. Encourage your child to stay in a stretched T-shirt with the logo of your favorite band, and instead hang a couple of icons on a bag or hat. Both stylish and carries the information world.

Jeans - a favorite clothes many teenagers. They are comfortable, tend to accumulate grease and durable. Most parents would agree with such a choice of the child. Pay attention to the pants of bright colors - orange, purple, trendy mint and coral. They look elegant and youth.

Long sweaters, if associated grandmother beloved grandson for growth, like and adolescents and their mothers. Warm and comfortable, they will not give your child warm in the winter, and at the same time it will look incredibly stylish. Note the pastel sweater - blue, pink, beige, light gray. They emphasize the tender age of the young mod or fashionista.

Bright tights - a thing due to which adults sometimes envious of their children. They are plain, with geometric patterns, floral prints or abstract patterns. With their help, you can make fun of almost any outfit.

In adolescence, girls have the desire to please the opposite sex, and do it in various ways. Mini skirts - a very common weapon. "School" pleated skirt looks at young fashionistas very smart, causing the association with prestigious European universities.

Rare child does without accessories. Cravats, scarves, baubles, belts, bracelets, beads - assortment boxes cabinet teenager sometimes envy mature fashionista. These little things help to create an extravagant growing child, but an interesting look.

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