Style Wedding: Married in green dress

Style Wedding: Married in green dress
 Wedding Dress - the third most important figure after the celebration of the bride and groom. That is why his choice of women treated with great trepidation. If you want to get away from the platitudes and become an unusual bride, stop your choice on a green wedding dress. It will not give beauty to the traditional white dresses and emphasize the individuality of women.
 Green - the color of grass and leaves on the trees, the color of hope and joy, youth and freshness. He has always been associated with the birth of something new and is a symbol of stability and permanence. Green dress is able to surround the girl aura of charm and tenderness. A bride in a dress is always a pleasure to watch as green calming effect. The girl seems to be more vulnerable and tender. This dress is sure to provide its possessor from the crowd of brides. In addition to originality, this dress has also practicality. It is not as easily soiled as white.

Some people believe that a girl who comes down the aisle for the first time, must necessarily be in a white dress. This has long been a stereotype. Wedding - a great reason to destroy it. Green dress is suitable for those who associate themselves vows for the first time. It would look great on a very young bride.

Gamma shades of green is very varied, so almost every bride can choose a dress to your tsvetotipu. Blondes ideal pistachio, green or emerald green dress. Redheads are suitable for almost all shades of green. This color beneficial shades of extravagance. But brunettes have to be careful with the dress that color. His dark shades - complete taboo because they are visually dark-haired girls age. Ideal - dress aqua.

Green dress would be appropriate not only for summer and spring wedding. It can be the perfect choice for weddings in any season of the year. Summer dress will perfectly blend in with the natural entourage, in the colder months, it will act as a kind piece of summer on a background of bleak landscapes that instantly allocate the bride from the crowd. For summer and spring is advisable to choose the color of young grass outfit for autumn - olive green, and for the winter is better to stay on the darker shades.

Choosing a green wedding dress, you must also choose wisely style and fabric to fully disclose all the charm of this color. Bright and lively, green itself is already attracting attention. Ideal if the dress is sewn from satin or silk. If we talk about style, something extraordinarily beautiful multilayer green dress with lots of frills. Looks good in that color and outfit in the Greek style.

To shine on their main holiday of love, is not always enough to wear a dress of the original color is also important to be able to choose the right thereto jewelry and accessories. And the green dress - is no exception. Hats, shoes and jewelry can be matched exactly to the tone as well, or, conversely, to contrast with it. Looks gorgeous dress with a necklace made of malachite. It is not necessary to write off and accessories silver and gold tones. Green dress looks quite original with a white veil. It can replace a small hat to match the dress or tiara. However, even without these accessories such dress looks elegant and self-sufficient.

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