Purple color in makeup and clothing

Purple color in makeup and clothing
 Recent years, the purple color goes out of fashion. Psychologists say that this color is selected self-sufficient, perhaps somewhat infantile personality. Often, purple is associated with mysticism and magic. People who choose this color, believe in the hereafter, and witchcraft. If you want to surround you considered mysterious and special self-sufficient, the clothes and make-up in violet tones - this is for you.  
 Think about it, how often do you meet purple in nature. Violet and purple flowers, purple sky at sunset - perhaps all. Violet is not much, it always coexists with other colors. Remember this rule when choosing their clothes. Evening dress purple color will look great at the reception, but if you wear to the office purple blouse with purple pants, it will be unfortunate combination. The beauty of purple that it is refreshing and makes it more ornate everyday things. Put the same purple blouse with a black skirt normal, buy a purple jacket to jeans and a beige turtleneck - your appearance immediately transformed. Designers have long departed from the rule that the bag and boots should be the same color. Purple handbag become extravagant accessories that distinguish you from the crowd, and will look great with black or brown shoes.

Blonde and brunette are different shades of purple. Girl with blond hair and pale skin is better to choose the color closer to blue, that is purple and lilac. Would be the best on brunettes clothes look purple closer to the red - shades of fuchsia or magenta.

Lucky purple makeup also depends on the type of appearance. Especially good he looks at the brown-eyed and green-eyed girls. Green eyes, he gives a mysterious emerald sheen and brown look deeper and more expressive. For daytime make-up in violet tones will be enough purple pencil or light purple shadows applied to the upper eyelid. For evening make-up suitable combination of purple and gold shades. And if you use purple and blue shadows, it immediately makes you the main mystery evening. Especially well this makeup looks on the girls with gray hair. Applying make-up, it is important to remember that once you focus on the eyes, it is better to use a matte lipstick, close to the natural color or light pink lip gloss.

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