Pencil skirt: classic elegance

Pencil skirt: classic elegance
 Skirt style "pencil" - not aging "star" of women's wardrobe. For many decades, this model is decorated with a female figure. Makes a woman more elegant, sexy, and, at the same time, giving it a rigor and elegance. And every season there are new varieties of it.
 It is believed that the prototype of this model was the long and very tight skirt "on the floor", which was fashionable in the early twentieth century - it is called "lame skirt." A woman in her was forced to move in small steps. Then skirt became shorter and found a cut or slot so that you can move around freely. Classical a skirt length - up to the knee, but it may be either slightly above or slightly below. Needless cloth skirts are usually decorated with buttons, sequins, ribbons, decorative stitching. Some modern versions of this style have found shallow pockets closer to the side seams.

Modern fashion allows for sewing skirts such a wide variety of fabrics - from satin and wool to jeans and flannel cloth. Usually choose dark fabrics, so even full ladies can fearlessly decide on this style. Women with overweight, you need to choose a more dense fabric for this model, so they hide the shortcomings of the figure.

This skirt is perfect for the business of fashion, and for the evening. For example, "pencil" with a high waistline - a good option for creating an image of a business woman. It extends visually legs, slim waist, gently bending stresses hips. For young fashionistas can recommend a shorter model of denim.

Skirt of this model is easily converted into a central "link" to your wardrobe, because it goes well with many details and appropriate clothing for all occasions. To create a business image - combine it with a short-cut shirt or jacket. For an informal environment to pick up her beautiful top and cardigan. Excellent combination will provide a variety of jackets - and fabric and knitted. In cold weather, wear it with a turtleneck or a jumper of fine wool. For a romantic holiday - choose feminine blouse made of silk, chiffon or lace.

High (or at least average) heels - an accessory that instantly give your look sexy. Low-heeled shoes with a skirt does not look completely. Beautiful small bag (clutch type) will serve as the finishing touch to your image.

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