Leggings: out of fashion?

Leggings: out of fashion?
 Alluring tight leggings that were so popular in the 80s of the last century, once again returned to the podium and glossy magazine covers. Why they are popular, easy to explain: it is this style makes it easy to combine different outfits. Consider whether their legacy?

The main advantage of leggings is that they are quite diverse, and every fashionista will be able to pick up the option that is most appropriate to its addition to the weather outside. Autumn, winter or early spring can wear wool or knit leggings, and in the summer you can please yourself thin leggings from lighter materials. They can be short, long, without a pattern, patterned, with sequins and so on. D.

Leggings can be worn with almost anything, but it is better not to wear sandals with. This may seem vulgar. But leggings will help you if there is a tunic in the locker room, too short, in your opinion, skirts, sweaters, that you have nothing to wear. Plain black, white or brown leggings are perfect to bright sweater. If you prefer bright leggings, the top should be quiet, soft colors, or outfit may seem too colorful. Option "tunic leggings +" is ideal for pregnant women, t. To. Tunic will hide the belly in leggings is much more convenient than regular pants.

Who will wear the leggings should not be? They are not suitable for those who are too fat legs. Leggings suggest something short and full of ladies better not to wear short things. The combination of "leggings + shoes" is not suitable for those whose form is not perfect feet. Leggings can only emphasize the negative, and not to hide it. Also, girls with too skinny legs have to be careful when choosing leggings. Generally, this garment is ideal for exploring the city, sports, spending time active. But putting them on secular reception, you run the risk seem too frivolous.

In that leggings are more relevant now, doubts designers do not arise. Without them, no cost, no one show, try to indulge in this beautiful and fashionable thing!

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