Leggings: A variety of displays from the world

Leggings: A variety of displays from the world
 Currently leggings are experiencing their next high point. They are a huge variety of species can be seen on the catwalks of the world shows, as the subject of women's wardrobe gives huge scope for the imagination of designers and stylists.

Leggings - a tight-fitting legs and hips women pants, no buckles, zippers and other spare parts. In Russia, most often referred to as tights. Leggings can be of different lengths: knee, below the knee to mid-calf, ankle or even lower. For their sewing materials are used, which are well drawn: nylon, lycra, spandex, polyester.

Leggings are one of the most urgent "hits of the past", it is extremely stable and is popular among women of all ages trend. After all, this thing can be sewn from different materials have different colors, to be self-colored or have put drawing. On the catwalks of the season autumn-winter 2011 were incredibly popular leather leggings. They are specially designed for the cold season. They can be worn with tunics warm and stylish knit dress. Fashionable colors of the season 2011 - black, deep gray, hot pink, turquoise, blue.

Certainly, it is better to wear leggings women with slim figure. But even if the legs do not differ too much candor can wear knitted leggings that do not require perfect slender legs. Wear this garment can tunic, multilayered skirt or dress right. The most fashionable option that is suitable for studying or relaxing with friends, is the combination of these bryuchek long sweater dress.

Fashion in 2011 are the accessories. So, with tight trousers can be worn tunic and top to hang massive decorations, such as large or stacked beads. Effectively will look leggings combined with a long T-shirt, short leather jacket, pin and fashion bags.

Fashion on leggings - a fashion beautiful female legs. Make them so help properly fitted things: elongated leggings, high heels and tunics. For non-ideal feet designers offer to choose tight leggings dark tones without drawing and additional decor.

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