How to wear a T-shirt

How to wear a T-shirt
 Whatever may be the fickle fashion dictates its own priorities, T-shirts - this is the clothing that is always relevant, and among young people, and among older people. And for the kids and say nothing. T-shirt for them - this is the main wear in the warmer months.  
 Having in her wardrobe a few T-shirts with different color, pattern, shapes and lengths, you can combine them with other objects of his wardrobe. But this must be done skillfully.

White T-shirts

White T-shirt combined with any clothes, and wear it at any season. The successful combination of a white T-shirt with jeans, skirts, blazers, jackets and cardigans. White color refreshes every person, and soft jersey gently hugs the figure. This shirt looks great with a tight-fitting or the usual jeans and shoes without a heel.

Wearing a white T-shirt tucked not, blazer, leather leggings and shoes with open toes, can be supplemented outfit jewelry and fashion accessories. Sexy looks white t-shirt, worn with a short skirt and shoes or sandals with high heels.

If you need to stick to the official style clothes, put on a white shirt, tuck it in trousers with a high waist, and put on a blazer on top. Shoes with high heels and big jewelry complement the image of a business woman.

T-shirts with drawings and inscriptions

Best of all, this article of clothing looks with denim pants or shorts and sandals. You will look very feminine, if you wear a T-shirt with a mini-skirt and low-heeled sandals, jeans or tight-fitting and pumps. Loose jewelry - the accessory that will complement your look.

T-shirt with stripes

Striped t-shirts are also called "sailor". Their love and boys and girls. Such "whales" are also suitable for everyday wear and for more romantic occasions. Usually with a striped T-shirt wearing denim pants or shorts.

If you want to look girlish, put "sailor" with a mini-skirt, low-heeled sandals and a light scarf. More elegant image can be created by combining a striped T-shirt with tight jeans, a blazer and high heels.

If you put "sailor", do not mix in the clothes of many colors. As accessories, choose blue or white bags. In the heat of summer a great addition to a shirt becomes a straw hat - and fashionable, and health useful.

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