How to dress for the disco

How to dress for the disco
 Hiking in the club - it's not just dancing and fun pastime, but also the ability to properly dressed. Pick up a wardrobe for the club, depending on what purpose you visited it.

If you're going to just sit at the bar, put on an elegant black dress open. Make beautiful styling or hair high and low-key low-key makeup. The image will add high heels and light decorations.


If the purpose of your trip to the club - communication with people and mainly - acquaintance, then you need to think about what aspect of your appearance can be called the most successful. Emphasize using the clothes on their winning sides - on the beautiful eyes, thick hair, slim figure and so on.


If you have beautiful breasts or thighs, wear tight-fitting dress with attractive neckline, which, however, hides the chest, while stressing it.


If you have long slender legs, as the suit is well suited lush miniskirt or a short dress.


Emphasize the attractiveness of their hair - make a magnificent styling or hair that will not prevent you from dancing. Pick clothes that matches your hair color.


If your plans are dancing and just dancing, then try to trim wardrobe, based on the above principles, and thus give preference shades of gold, silver or bronze color. On the dance floor mysteriously iridescent dress color "metallic" will attract admiring glances.


It is advisable not to wear to a disco boots - Choose a comfortable and stable high-heeled shoes.


Do not forget that in different clubs different principles of face control. Try to find out what parameters to work face-control of the club in which you are going to come, and match wardrobe so that it matches the criteria.

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