How to dress for a celebration

How to dress for a celebration
 The invitation to the official reception attentive organizers indicate a mandatory dress code for guests. If the triumph of a strictly planned out, organized, it is the best option for everyone: guests will not get into an awkward position, not guessing dress appropriately, and the harmony of the holiday will not be broken.
 The best-known form of formal wear, internationally accepted - this White tie, Black tie, Casual, Semi-formal, Formal.

White tie («white tie") - the rarest and most rigorous style of evening wear. So dress up for the awards, evening receptions at the Heads of State and balls.

Men are required black coat with a white bow tie, frachnyh pants (no belts, suspenders but acceptable) lacquered black shoes, white vest and pocket (in any case not wrist) watch. The choice of outerwear is also regulated: black are single or double-breasted coat of fine wool, white scarf, white gloves.

Women: long evening dress "on the floor", held in austere colors, black or matching dresses long gloves, black shoes, a handbag. Hair must be picked up in the hair. You can throw on the shoulders of the bolero. Jewellery in a very moderate amount, only gems. Jewelry is excluded, it is totally unacceptable. Makeup evening only, no makeup will be indecent.

Black Tie ("black tie"). This style of dress to the official evening reception, wedding, premiere at the theater.

Men should wear a tuxedo, black bow tie, cummerbund, black (but not patent leather) shoes with laces.

Women wear cocktail dress below the knee length or long evening dress shoes. Jewellery: Precious and semi-precious stones, high-quality jewelry. The style is similar to the White tie, but a few free. Excluded boots, avant-garde dresses, hats.

Formal usually means the same as Black Tie. Pointing to the formal invitation, the organizers thus emphasize the admissibility of certain derogations from the rules of style Black Tie.

Men can dress in dark gray / navy blue tuxedo, a dark suit and tie gala, and not only in a black tuxedo. Obligatory white shirt without embroidery and drawing, silk tie discreet tones.

Women wear cocktail dress or a little black dress Coco Chanel, also suitable long dress or evening set: pantsuit or skirt below the knee with a jacket. Sandals are not permitted, as well as too bright, eye-catching jewelry.

Semi-formal - is clothing for a dinner party at a fancy restaurant, corporate banquet or a large family celebration. Men are better to wear a dark suit with a tie if the event begins after six in the evening. Before that time, it is quite acceptable ordinary suit, but his tie is required. Women wear cocktail dress, if the beginning of the celebration after six in the evening, and if before, the elegant suit or dress.

Casual - the so-called free style, but more in name than in fact. So dress up for corporate parties, picnics. Men and women can dress in pants, jeans (but not torn), sneakers, shoes, sweaters and shirts, vests. Inappropriate dress will be "on the floor" or cocktail. Need to adapt their clothing to the nature of the event, sometimes it's better to sacrifice freedom for the sake of style elegance.

Possible non-standard option when clothing style coined by the organizers of the event, rather than selected from the classic. In such cases, the invitation should specify exactly what is expected of you.

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