How to choose the right shoes to the dress

How to choose the right shoes to the dress
 Ideally, the toilet every detail matters. And that is why you must responsibly in choosing not only the dress, but also accessories. Particular attention should be paid to the shoe. Harmoniously matched shoes enhance the beauty of the wearer's foot, will talk about her good taste.
 Before you pick up the shoes to the dress, you need to select the dress itself. For everyday discreet toilet perfectly suited for small heel shoes, without excessive decoration. The sole can be continuous. And appropriate shoes on a small platform. The main thing is to be comfortable shoes and do not overshadow your outfit.

If the dress has a sporty cut and sewn from denim, it does not mean that the mandatory attribute to him must be shoes or sneakers. Excellent fit this outfit modest and always topical ballet flats or light shoes with a hint of sporty style.

By the way, do not forget about the "golden" rule - the heavier the fabric of the dress, the more massive heel. And vice versa. For example, for the summer of elegant chiffon dresses with thin spaghetti straps or air evening dress appropriately in all elegant sandals thin high heels.

However, if we are talking about sundress, beach dress, heels better neglected. Szabo, open sandals on low-soled sandals with thin straps - these shoes that accentuate the natural summer look.

Of course, it is not only a model of shoes, but their color. Thus, according to the canons of good taste shoes should go tone on tone with the dress. But this, unfortunately, is not always achievable. So follow another rule regarding choice of shoes: color shoes should overlap with the color of any parts of garments or of one of the accessories. That is, if your dress in red and white checkered, feel free to pick him shoes red or white. And if you have blue beads around the neck, it can safely be worn under a dress blue shoes.

However, there are exceptions. For example, the little black court shoes with heels are appropriate with almost any outfit. Recently they added slippers beige, which can also be put on almost under any dress. Their main purpose - to visually lengthen the leg.

But, of course, is all of this general advice. The most important thing in choosing shoes to the dress - the mirror. And so before you leave the house, look at him again. If your image is harmonious, well-coordinated and every detail, including shoes, working on the general perception of your shape, then you have done everything correctly.

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