Everywhere we hear: "glamor", "glamorous look", "glamorous party", "glamorous" ... It is said that our Russian language added another word - "glamorous." The concept has taken root in almost every sphere of human life. Glamour - a state of mind. Everyone wants to look glamorous, but it is so no one really knows - what it is. To conduct a "glamorous" lifestyle good first sort out the definitions.

And So,glamour. It turns out that the ancient Scots so called magic spell, charm, just wrong saying someone else's word for them«Grammar». Who would have thought ...

In the modern senseglamour - Is an irresistible charm, exciting romance, inaccessibility and seductiveness.

How to create the coveted glamorous image?

- First of all, you need to be feminine, well-groomed and confident.

- Glamorous diva looks luxurious evening dress, so you definitely need to dress for the occasion and certainly little black length just above the knee, picked up on the figure, it will show your legs in the best light, besides dresses a la Chanel never go out of fashion.

- Fur boa shoulders could be replaced by a poncho, shawl or cardigan.Glamour does not tolerate harsh lines. But with free and stylish cape even jeans will look "glamorous" in the extent of their scrapes.

- Bare shoulders top with "American armhole» (halterneck, ie loop through the neck) will open the shoulders and back - very sexy and simple, just for a party. Corsages, neckline, lace inserts - an evening option.

- Follow the fashion trends. Unfortunately, without this glamorous diva can not do. If the design is not the same quest with your vision of the world, go to a creative solution: Become a trendsetter!

- Handbags and accessories should be of high quality and brand. Only designer handbags with logo in a prominent location gives you the right to claim the glamor.

- Studs - an inevitable component of a glamorous image. Boots, shoes, sandals - everything has to be very lofty.

- Curls or carefully laid haircut: each strand in your appearance is meaningless. Hair frame the face and hinted men on the lot. Outdoor neck asks kiss on the neck, luxurious mane accentuates lips curl his temple accentuate your flirtatious.

- Make-up is required, but not redundant - Emphasize your eyes, powder the nose ... "identification mark" glamor - plump lips with a wet shine effect.

- Manicure - a good attitude to the nails, manicure glamor - this makeup finger. Color and shade of nail must match the color of lipstick. And on his feet - the color of your mood.

- Jewellery - should be. Silver bracelets, vintage ring with a stone, earrings, necklace, a string of pearls - all sparkling, ringing, attracting attention, memorable. Glitter can be on the fabric: satin surface, "metallic", gold or silver thread, rhinestones, sequins, beads.

- Headgear for country walks. Pattern the it in keeping with the style of the ensemble (artificial flowers, ribbons, ribbons, barrettes or old brooches, badges), take care of the wind resistance of your works of art - and you will be irresistible.

Alsoglamor in our minds at least strongly associated with glossy magazines, in style and extravagance, with life in comfort and luxury. Glitter, flatulence and finesse, decorative and sophistication at a very high price.

Glamour has become a new ideology, fashion fever that just makes many women spend a lot of money and almost every day watching and shopping. If we do not shoes, make sure you fashionable ring or pendant.

Ladies, be yourself, do not succumb to provocations fashion. All should be a happy medium. Choose a style that will be perfect for you, and feel free to keep pace with the times, because the modern fashion allows you to fine vary different images.

Author: Diana Rosemary

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