Find a dress that decorates your feet

Find a dress that decorates your feet
 Female legs - one of the most attractive and exciting male gaze body parts. Make them a real advantage will figure correctly picked a dress that will hide the problem areas and to highlight the existing beauty.
 Short legs will look longer and more impressive, if you wear the dress with a high waist. Such tailoring visually lengthen your lower body and make the figure more proportional. You can also wear a short dress, tight-fitting shape. But the latter option is suitable only for those whose feet have perfect form. Furthermore, it should be worn skirts which have some or vertical elements, such as stripes or seams certain ranked buttons.

For women with thin legs is the best option - a dress cut is made in the form of a "case." Moreover, the length of it should fall on the thickest part of the leg. But from dresses with low waist and flared skirts should be abandoned, as they legs will look even thinner.

Full hips sufficiently long legs will look great in long dresses with skirts cut free. A high slit to pull them visually silhouette and visually lengthen the leg. It is also well suited mid-length dress with a straight skirt.

Speakers and big knees also perfectly adjusted length dress. Hide this deficiency will help dress just below the knee or shorter. But wear dresses with a slit in the middle is not necessary.

To divert attention from the massive calves too, should wear a dress, the length of which falls on the narrowest part of the leg. Great outfits will look to the middle of the knee or ankle.

Hide thick ankles help long dresses that cover them. Also great bell will look to the bottom of outfits. A visually reduce them in volume can be and with the help of sandals, fastened with a thin strap around the ankle.

Help hide flaws and feet can any zest, located on the bottom of the dress. For example, stitching, laces or unusual cut of the dress.

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