Dress Chanel: when clothes become a legend

Dress Chanel: when clothes become a legend
 At the beginning of the 20th century Gabriel Coco Chanel broke into the world of fashion and revolutionized it. She made women forget complex frilly outfits and wear comfortable, uncluttered, but incredibly refined clothes. It democratized fashion industry and invented such models that remain relevant today: coat with a fur collar, a white blouse male breed, and, of course, the little black dress.  

It has been almost 90 years since the establishment of Coco Chanel simple black dress. However, until now, any fashionista finds it necessary to have it in your wardrobe. Today, the little black dress is a symbol of good taste of its owner.

Few people know that the first such dress was sewn Coco Chanel for himself on the occasion of mourning after the death of her lover in 1926. It was a very discreet black dress that covered her knees. The dress featured a shallow semi-circular cut-out, long narrow sleeves and a complete lack of ornamentation. This dress is well suited for mourning. And, as it turned out, for a business meeting, a walk, a cocktail or any other publication. Suddenly became a fashionable black and ceased to be associated exclusively with mourning. Little black dress appeared universal, it allowed its owner to be prepared for any occasion. It is not attracted a lot of attention, and emphasizes the individuality of each woman.

Putting on a dress with different accessories and shoes, you can create the effect of a rich wardrobe. Black little dress had a feature to change like a chameleon, depending on the surrounding ornaments. At first, Coco recommended to wear a dress with faux pearls and chains of base metal. Then, when she met with luxurious Byzantine decorations, dress became the backdrop for jewelry splendor. Therefore, with the same success Coco invention could wear ordinary girl, and wealthy ladies - actress, wife of politicians, wealthy heiress corporations. It was worn by Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor. So the little black dress has become a legend.

For nearly a century of its existence, the little black dress has undergone many changes. And the very great Coco, and other designers are constantly experimenting with his long, trim silhouette. It becomes shorter sleeves cut off from him, sewed him full skirt and came up with a lot more innovation. Karl Lagerfeld, who headed home after the death of Gabrielle Chanel, even made a black dress in white. Nevertheless, the philosophy of the little black dress persisted: "If you like a woman, but you do not remember what she was wearing, so she was dressed perfectly."

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